My Story

A holiday is a time to relax, unwind, and take a break from the obligations and stresses of everyday life. The last thing you want to be doing is lying on the beach or lounging by a pool worrying about your dog. Finding someone to watch your dog when you travel is always a challenge. Traditionally, your options involve coaxing family member into watching your dog or taking him to a kennel. Thanks to the help of dogs homeboarding glasgow, dog owners have an alternative option: Dog Home boarding, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular for vacationing dog owners.

I have used home boarding for many years for my own dogs. Many years ago I placed our Toy Poodle into kennels, when we returned from our two week holiday on our first meet it was clear that Sooty had not had a ‘holiday’ in the kennels he been bitten by other dogs, malnourished, emancipated and covered in fleas.  He looked so ill that day we vowed never to let our loved one go into a kennel again. Few years late we added to our family – Brandy, Cody and then Zac. Wow now we needed 3 dogs to be boarded at the same time with the same boarders if possible plus we had all our wants and needs – the dogs don’t eat dog food, they like to sit on your lap, they love to be cuddled, Zac is so small make sure he is away from the others as they play rough with him, we also have one who has arthritis cant go for long walks or you need to carry him. Endless list. Thats why I have decided to start-up the pet service within the Glasgow area for like-minded loving pet owners to enjoy please of mind. Believe that the key to success will be the revolutionary alternative to-day and overnight care. Pampered Pooch Mansion is focused on providing superior care and personalized attention for all pet guests so pet parents have peace of mind that their pet is safe and happy